The Numerous Benefits of Houses for Rent in Green Valley


In the current financial climate, the personal and professional success we enjoy is often reflected in our dwellings. Is your property located in a sought-after neighborhood where housing prices are rising by the day? If so, you’ve probably made it, and your home now acts as an insurance policy in case of unexpected financial turns. However, as the years go by, your property may no longer be sufficient for your needs, and you may be looking for a change. 

Have your children grown up and need more space for their daily activities? Do you aspire to work at home from a private office? Have you found a job in another area, and for this reason, do you want to shorten your commute and find a more conveniently located dwelling? In that case, considering houses for rent in Green Valley would be a fantastic idea. Why here? It’s a mix of practicality and affordability. Homes located in Sydney’s suburbs are significantly cheaper than those close to the city centre while having access to all the amenities your loved ones need. A property for rent near and around Sydney will be a long-term investment that, over time, will contribute positively to your family’s finances. 

Moreover, by going for rentals, you’ll save significant amounts, which you could reinvest in your projects. Green Valley properties are located less than 40 kilometres from Sydney, and the suburb is connected by a well-developed public transport network and numerous expressways that can take you to Harbour City in less than 25 minutes. Moreover, homes here are some of the largest in NSW, and their weekly rent is up to $200 cheaper than in neighbourhoods closer to the Sydney centre, such as Newtown.

What Natural Landmarks Are Nearby? 

One of the primary reasons you should look at houses for rent in Green Valley is the proximity to some of the most spectacular scenery and natural attractions in New South Wales. Are you someone who is always looking for outdoor excursions? Do you consider a weekend spent outdoors the epitome of a successful getaway? If so, looking at dwellings for rent outside the hustle and bustle of the city could be an excellent choice. 

What landmarks are nearby? For one thing, just a few minute’s drive from the Bonnyrigg Heights and Elisabeth Hills, you can find the Western Sydney Parklands, one of Australia’s largest urban parks, home to some of NSW’s best-maintained bike tracks and hiking trails. Spanning more than 5000 hectares, the Western Sydney Parklands offers everything from city farms where you can relax with your small children to zipline courses where the keyword is ‘adventure’. However, Western Sydney Parklands is just one of the countless landmarks you can visit in the vicinity of your dwelling.

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The Best Place to Experience a Peaceful Life

Are you a fan of freshwater shorelines? Want to spend your afternoon fishing, not catching anything, and then buying a fresh cod from the nearby grocery store? In that case, you shouldn’t miss the Chipping Norton Lakes. Do you want to escape the stress of urban life and go on a hike with your family? In that case, Cecil Hills is an excellent choice. Average rent in Sydney has reached record highs, and the daily urban hustle and bustle has become too much for many people. Do you want to experience tranquillity? To save money and live in a safe and secure community? If so, looking at houses for rent in the suburbs could be one of your best ideas. 

Moreover, besides the plethora of nearby landmarks, Green Valley boasts numerous bus lanes, is in proximity to the Cabramatta train station, is close to cinemas and cafes, and houses no less than two primary schools and a secondary one catering to students from years seven to twelve. All in all, rentals here are fantastic value for money. They are situated next to some of the most beautiful views in our country, and they represent a wise financial investment, as their rent will not remain at their current level for much longer.

What Amenities Do You Have Close By? 

Going for properties in and around Bonnyrigg Heights is not only a decision that makes economic sense but also one that will add to your family’s standard of living. Green Valley rentals are characterised by their quality and proximity to numerous parks, shopping centres, gyms and restaurants. Want your free time to be spent with your significant other browsing the offerings of reputable brands? In that case, you could head to the nearby Plaza or the shopping centre in Liverpool Westfield. 

Is healthcare one of your priorities, and you don’t want to live in a neighbourhood that doesn’t have a medical centre nearby? If so, you are in luck, as the Liverpool Medical Centre will be less than a 10-minute walk from your location. Are you a fan of Asian cuisine? In that case, Green Valley rentals will be perfect for your requirements, as the neighbourhood is home to Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants. Not least, the community boasts two gyms and no less than three grocery stores. Living in Sydney’s suburbs is peaceful; the prices are more affordable than in the heart of the Harbour City, and the sense of community is more pronounced.

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A Wise Investment for Long-Term Gains 

Average weekly rents in Sydney exceed $750, which for many Australian families is an unaffordable amount. Need more space? Are you expecting a new baby? Do you feel the need for a change? In that case, the most practical solution available to you would be to turn to houses for rent in nearby suburbs. Take Bonnyrigg Heights, for example, a community 40 km from Sydney. The median weekly rent here is only $630, while in areas near central Sydney, such as Newtown, the values are $250 higher. The same is true if you want to buy your property.

In Bonnyrigg and the surrounding suburbs, the average price of properties listed on the real estate market is $1.2 million. However, in Redfern, for example, property prices usually start at $1.8 million. The difference is significant, and your daily commute would extend, at worst, by only an hour. Not least, you need to remember that prices now will not stay the same in the future. In suburbs like Hinchinbrook, the real estate market has experienced a growth of over 10% in the past twelve months, which means, in just a few years, even properties in Sydney’s suburbs will become unaffordable for a good proportion of Australian families. Time is of the essence, as due to the housing shortage, prices don’t look like they will come down any time soon.