Find Your Next Home: Houses for Rent That Accept Section 8 Vouchers

Houses for Rent That Accept Section 8

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program provides crucial assistance to low-income families seeking affordable rental housing. However, finding landlords and properties that accept Section 8 can be challenging. This guide will explain the program, share tips for locating Section 8-friendly rentals, review eligibility, and highlight the best online listings to unlock more housing options.

What are Houses for Rent That Accept Section 8 Vouchers?

The Section 8 program is administered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and local Public Housing Agencies. It provides vouchers to qualified applicants that cover a portion of monthly rent on the private rental market.

Here’s how Section 8 rental assistance works:

  • Eligible families receive a voucher with a maximum allowance for rent and utilities
  • The family contributes 30-40% of income toward rent
  • The voucher pays the balance of rent directly to the landlord
  • Rent amounts are adjusted based on changes in family income

Vouchers help families secure decent, safe housing in their communities. However, landlords must opt-in to and qualify for the program.

Why Some Landlords Don’t Accept Section 8

Some Landlords Don’t Accept Section 8
Some Landlords Don’t Accept Section 8

Many landlords are reluctant to work with Section 8 for reasons like:

  • Added paperwork and inspection requirements
  • Negative perceptions and stigma toward voucher holders
  • Delayed payments from the housing authority
  • Limits on reasons to terminate tenancy
  • Tenants that lack rental history or have very low income

However, participating in Section 8 also comes with benefits for landlords such as:

  • Guaranteed on-time monthly rent payments
  • Access to a wider pool of potential tenants
  • Help covering costs and repairs to meet housing standards
  • Tax credits or incentives in some areas

With extra communication and preparation, Section 8 tenancies can be rewarding for all parties.

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Tips for Finding Landlords That Accept Section 8

It takes effort, but you can find quality housing options that welcome Section 8 vouchers. Useful tips include:

  • Search listings on Section 8 dedicated rental platforms like GoSection8
  • Look for “Section 8 accepted” tags on mainstream rental sites
  • Expand your search area to lower-cost suburbs or neighboring communities
  • Consider privately owned condos/homes over large corporate complexes
  • Ask current or past landlords if they accept Section 8
  • Contact local public housing authorities for landlord referrals
  • Attend housing fairs with Section 8 resources and vendors
  • Develop positive references and offer larger deposit amounts

Casting a wide net using every method available is key to securing great Section 8-approved housing.

Top Online Listings for Section 8 Rentals

The internet makes finding Section 8 rentals much easier. Here are the best sites:


GoSection8 is designed specifically for Section 8 rental listings and housing assistance resources. All properties on the site accept vouchers. Advanced filtering and alerts help match renters to Section 8 homes and apartments nationwide.

2. SocialServe.Com

SocialServe features affordable rentals including many Section 8-approved units listed directly by property managers. Listings contain details on accepted voucher types.


Major rental platform now allows landlords to designate if Section 8 vouchers are accepted. Just filter search results by “Section 8” under Amenities.


Craigslist has dedicated housing search filters for Section 8 listings in all major cities. Lots of small landlords and private owners advertise here.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

Search Marketplace using phrases like “Section 8 welcome” or “HCV accepted” to find rentals from private Facebook users.


While mainly focused on buyer listings, Zillow also aggregates Section 8-friendly rentals from across multiple sites. Sort by “Section 8” under Amenities.


This directory profiles apartments across the U.S. and allows filtering by Section 8 voucher acceptance.

Cast a wide net by utilizing these national resources alongside local rental Facebook Groups, classified ads, and community bulletins.

Qualifying for a Section 8 Voucher

To use Section 8 rental assistance, you must meet certain HUD eligibility rules. These include:

– Income Limits

Total household income must not exceed 50% of the area median income, as adjusted for family size. View income limits by location on the HUD website.

– Citizenship/Residency

At least one family member must be a U.S. citizen or have eligible immigration status. Families with mixed immigration status can apply.

– Criminal History

Drug-related criminal activity, violent offenses, and sex offenses can result in denial of Section 8 eligibility. Some misdemeanors are allowed.

– No Current HUD Assistance

You cannot receive other housing subsidies like public housing concurrently with Section 8 vouchers.

In most areas, long voucher waitlists mean applying early. Once you receive a voucher, there are time limitations for finding a qualifying unit, so begin the housing search promptly.

Points to Discuss with Prospective Section 8 Landlords

When approaching landlords that don’t currently accept Section 8 vouchers, come prepared to assuage concerns and make your case. Important discussion topics include:

  • Your background and housing references
  • Ability to pay security deposits or increased monthly amounts
  • Adherence to lease terms and agreement to inspections
  • Housekeeping and home maintenance practices to prevent damages
  • Ongoing communication to quickly address any issues

Being able to pay a larger share of rent and emphasizing your reliability as a tenant will help overcome hesitations some landlords have regarding Section 8 tenants.

Questions to Ask Section 8 Landlords

Likewise, come armed with questions when viewing prospective Section 8 rentals:

  • How long have you worked with the Section 8 program?
  • How many Section 8 units do you currently lease?
  • How quickly do you complete repairs reported by tenants?
  • How do you handle late rental payments from the housing authority?
  • Do you require tenants to maintain renter’s insurance?
  • What are your policies on pets, guests, subletting?
  • What support do you offer tenants for community issues?

This helps determine if the landlord has experience with Section 8 tenants and runs an organized, communicative rental business. Those factors lead to smoother tenancy for voucher recipients.

With the resources in this guide, you can successfully secure quality Section 8-approved housing for your family. Cast a wide net in your rental search, highlight your strengths as a tenant, prepare documentation, and ask landlords critical questions. If both parties enter the agreement transparently, Section 8 can benefit everyone.