Is Nonna Pia Still Alive? All You Need to Know

Nonna Pia

Nonna Pia has become an internet sensation and culinary icon adored by millions across the globe. Her popularity has left many wondering – is Nonna Pia still alive today? This beloved grandmother continues to capture hearts with her charm, humor, and amazing Italian cooking. Let’s take a closer look at Nonna Pia’s journey to fame and the joy she continues to bring through her recipes and videos.

Who is Nonna Pia?

Nonna Pia
Nonna Pia

Nonna Pia, also known as Pia Quaglieri, is an 86-year-old grandmother residing in the United States but originally hailing from Italy. She began garnering attention on TikTok when her grandson, Antonio, decided to film her making Sunday dinner.

Little did they know, that impromptu video would ignite Nonna Pia’s path to virality. Her cooking tips, heartwarming personality, and mastery of Italian cuisine quickly amassed her over 3.6 million TikTok followers. Fans across generations love Nonna Pia for her authenticity, passion for bringing people together through food, and determination to preserve traditional recipes.

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Captivating a Younger Audience

One remarkable aspect of Nonna Pia’s fame is her popularity among younger viewers. Her content resonates with Millennials and Gen Z who are drawn to her warm, lively spirit. They admire Nonna Pia’s mission to pass down generations-old recipes from her homeland.

Despite being in her mid-80s, Nonna Pia has fully embraced social media. Her collaboration with TikTok creator Janelle Rohner displays her ability to create viral, engaging videos tailored to digital platforms. Nonna Pia proves that age is no barrier to connecting with audiences online.

Bringing Joy Through Cooking

For Nonna Pia, cooking is so much more than following recipes. She cooks from the heart to bring happiness to others. Whether she’s handmaking pasta, baking bread, or preparing elaborate Italian feasts, Nonna Pia’s joy is palpable.

Her expertise shines through in viral hits like her breadmaking video that earned 22 million TikTok views. Fans are drawn to the mouthwatering food, but also the meaningful memories and traditions behind each dish. Nonna Pia’s culinary creations are made with love.

Authenticity Endears Her to Fans

One of the biggest reasons behind Nonna Pia’s popularity is her authenticity. Everything from her appearance to her cooking style feels real and unfiltered.

Standing at 5’2″ with a robust build, sparkling brown eyes, and short brown hair, Nonna Pia has an approachable, grandmotherly look. The kitchen is where she feels most at home, chatting and laughing while preparing meals for her loved ones.

Nonna Pia doesn’t try to be anything other than herself – a vibrant Italian nonna sharing her passion. Her genuine warmth and humor shine through, endearing her to supporters worldwide.

Inspiring Others to Follow Their Passions

For many fans, Nonna Pia is a source of inspiration. At 86 years old, she exemplifies how age should not prevent anyone from pursuing their dreams and sharing their gifts.

Nonna Pia’s path from Italy to America has been defined by her dedication to making people smile through food. She encourages others in the Taurus zodiac sign and beyond to find their passion and share it with the world.

Her videos are a reminder that it’s never too late to try something new or let your creativity shine. Nonna Pia shows that a social media platform can be used to spread joy, bring people together, and preserve traditions.

Is Nonna Pia Still Posting New Content?

The short answer is yes! Nonna Pia is still actively posting new videos and recipes in 2024. She continues to share her latest cooking adventures from her home kitchen, very much alive and well at 86 years old.

Fans can watch her newest content on TikTok under @nonnapia. With over 3.6 million followers, each video receives millions of views and comments from adoring supporters.

Nonna Pia also posts longer cooking tutorials and collaborations on her YouTube channel. Videos are frequently produced with the help of her grandson, showing how generations continue sharing this passion.

What Keeps Nonna Pia’s Content Captivating?

Nonna Pia’s content remains fresh and engaging because cooking is an endless source of joy for her. She explores new recipes, revisits old favorites, and finds fresh takes on Italian cuisine.

Fans love her down-to-earth style of explaining each step while adding funny quips and stories. Nonna Pia has mastered the art of cooking videos – educating audiences while keeping them smiling.

No matter the dish, her enthusiasm is palpable. Euphoric food reactions like “Mwah… Bellissima!” have become catchphrases showing how much she enjoys each creation. Nonna Pia reminds viewers of the power food has to bring happiness.

Nona Pia Most Viral Videos


Nonna Pia’s fresh homemade bread 🥖 🤤 🇮🇹 who wants a piece?! #nonnapia #shesback #homemade #bread #italian #foodtiktok

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While all of Nonna Pia’s videos spread joy, these are some of the top creations that won over millions of viewers:

  • Homemade Pasta Tutorial – This TikTok received 22 million views as Nonna Pia demonstrated how to properly knead and shape pasta dough. Fans loved watching a master at work.
  • Giant cannoli – Over 4 million TikTokers couldn’t get enough of Nonna Pia’s showstopping giant cannoli filled with decadent ricotta. The end slice reveal was extremely satisfying.
  • Lasagna making with Janelle – Collaborator Janelle joined Nonna Pia in crafting a magnificent lasagna loaded with meat, cheese, and Nonna’s secret touches. Their chemistry and cooking skills dazzled 3.4 million viewers.
  • Breadmaking tutorial – One of Nonna Pia’s most popular videos captures her crafting fluffy, golden homemade bread from scratch. Her expert kneading and shaping mesmerized audiences.
  • Giant pizza celebration – For her grandson’s birthday, Nonna Pia surprised him with a gigantic, thicker-than-your-head pizza baked in her backyard oven. Fans joined the birthday excitement as over 2 million views poured in.

The Legacy Nonna Pia Leaves Behind

When Nonna Pia’s TikTok fame eventually subsides, she will leave behind an incredible legacy. This vibrant grandmother has shown the power of food to unite people across generational and cultural divides.

Her cooking videos preserve generations-old recipes that may have otherwise been lost. Nonna Pia has inspired so many people to share their passions and never believe they are too old to make an impact.

Most importantly, she has spread immense joy and positivity online. Nonna Pia proves you are never too old or too Italian to become an internet sensation! Her warmth and humor will continue making people smile even after her viral days end.

Nonna Pia Continues Delighting Fans

Is Nonna Pia still alive and cooking today in 2024? Absolutely! This spirited Italian nonna continues captivating millions of fans with her latest culinary endeavors. She serves as a shining example that age should not stop anyone from pursuing their dreams.

Nonna Pia continues her mission to spread smiles through her passion for cooking. Stay tuned for many more hilarious and heartwarming videos from this TikTok icon – her online fame shows no signs of fading anytime soon!