Faze Rug Height, Age, Weight, Net worth, wiki/biography, Family, and more

Faze Rug Height

In this in-depth profile, we’ll unravel the mystery around Faze Rug height and other vital stats. We’ll also dive into his background, rise to YouTube fame, relationships, and net worth to get to know the man behind the Rug.

Faze Rug has become one of the biggest stars on YouTube, amassing over 25.1M subscribers across his channels with his zany pranks, vlogs, and gaming videos. But while fans may know him for his wild personality, many are still wondering—just how tall is the YouTube phenom Faze Rug?

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Faze Rug Wiki/Biography

Faze Rug
Faze Rug

Here is a table of Faze Rug Wiki/Biography below:

Full NameBrian Rafat Awadis
Date of BirthNovember 19, 1996
BirthplaceSan Diego, California, U.S.
EthnicityMiddle Eastern
OccupationYouTuber, social media personality, director of FaZe Clan
YouTube ChannelFaZe Rug
SubscribersOver 25 million
Net Worth (2023)Around $6 million to $12 million
Height5 feet 7 inches
Family– Father: Ron Awad is – Mother: Sana Awadis – Brother: Brandon Awadis
Relationship StatusSingle

Faze Rug Height and Weight Measurement

Let’s start by answering the question on every Faze Rug fan’s mind—exactly how tall is this YouTube giant?

Faze Rug’s height is 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm).

Comparatively, that puts him on the shorter side for a male YouTube star. But his modest stature has never held him back from creating wacky, high-energy videos.

As for his other key stats:

  • Faze Rug’s age is: 26 years old (born November 19, 1996)
  • Faze Rug’s weight is: Estimated 140-150 lbs (63-68 kg)
  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Sign: Scorpio

So while he may not be the tallest YouTube celebrity out there, Faze Rug has never let his short height stop him from achieving massive success online. Next, let’s look at his background and early life.

Faze Rug’s Background and Early Life

Faze Rug was born Brian Awadis in San Diego, California in 1996. He has two siblings—an older brother named Brandon and a younger sister named Tara. His parents are originally from Iraq but immigrated to the United States where Brian and his siblings were born.

From an early age, Brian loved playing video games like Call of Duty. He started his original YouTube channel “oRugrat” in 2012, featuring funny gameplay videos and vlogs. The “oRugrat” channel slowly gained a following in the gaming community.

In 2013, Brian then created his now flagship Faze Rug channel, capitalizing on his entrance into the esports gaming clan FaZe Clan. Combining his love of gaming with zany IRL videos, Brian began establishing his outrageously funny internet personality.

The Faze Rug channel took off starting in 2015 when Brian pioneered the popular “prank vs prank” genre on YouTube alongside his fellow creator Dennis Roady. Some of his most viral hits became scare-cam style pranks playing off his family members like “Killing My Brother Prank!”

Now that we know about his early YouTube start, next, let’s look at Faze Rug’s meteoric rise to fame.

Faze Rug’s Rise to YouTube Stardom

After getting his footing with gaming videos and pranks, Faze Rug’s channel exploded in popularity from 2016 onwards. Some factors that contributed to his huge growth included:

  • His wacky sense of humor and high-energy
  • Relatable vlogs documenting his life and mansion in San Diego
  • Emotional videos addressing his struggles with bullying and insecurity
  • Continually amping up his crazy pranks and challenges
  • Ongoing collab videos with other top creators like RiceGum
  • Launching successful secondary channels like “Rug Plays”

Faze Rug also began pursuing music and merchandising, further establishing himself as a multi-platform creator and influencer. Major music collaborations included “Chosen” with KYLE and “Carpool Karaoke” with YouTube star Baby Ariel.

With his Channels, Faze Rug now boasts:

  • Over 25.1M subscribers across his YouTube channels
  • 5.5 billion lifetime YouTube views
  • 9.5 million Instagram followers

It’s clear this once small-time gamer has grown into a full-fledged viral superstar and crossover media mogul. Now let’s look at the lady in Faze Rug’s life.

Faze Rug’s Girlfriend and Relationship History

For several years, Faze Rug’s girlfriend was fellow YouTube creator Meredith Claborn, better known by her channel name Mully. The two collaborators revealed they were dating in 2017 and quickly became a prominent YouTube power couple, frequently appearing in each other’s videos.

However, after three years together Faze Rug and Mully announced their amicable breakup in late 2020. Since then, Faze Rug appears to have returned to the bachelor lifestyle, occasionally addressing relationship drama in his vlogs but with no new girlfriend in sight as of 2022.

Before Mully, some of Faze Rug’s other rumored past relationships included:

  • YouTuber Andrea Russett
  • Instagram star Caitlyn Moore
  • Model and gamer Yanet Garcia

Despite his breakup, Faze Rug maintains a positive attitude, focusing his energy on creating content, interacting with supporters, and spending time with friends and family.

Faze Rug’s Family and Current Living Situation

Unlike many YouTubers who relocate to Los Angeles, Faze Rug continues to live and create content in his hometown of San Diego. He shares a massive 7,800-square-foot mansion with his brother Brandon and several friends, who often appear in his vlogs.

Faze Rug remains close with his family, including parents Mahmoud and Nidal Awadis and his sister Tara. Videos with his family receive millions of views from fans who have watched his loving family dynamic throughout his YouTube career.

Having his family and long-time friends around seems to help keep Faze Rug grounded in his early YouTube days, despite his massive fame and fortune now.

Speaking of his fortune, just how much is Faze Rug worth today? Let’s take a look at his earnings.

Faze Rug’s Net Worth and Income

With tens of millions of loyal subscribers, bestselling merch collaborations, and other business ventures, Faze Rug has amassed an immense net worth even at his young age.

Faze Rug’s net worth is estimated at $15 million as of 2022.

His main income streams include:

  • YouTube ad revenue and brand sponsorships
  • Selling merchandise like hoodies, t-shirts and shoes
  • Promoting products as an influencer on Instagram and other social platforms
  • Performing at live events and making club appearances
  • His147483647 energy drink company with fellow creator KSI

Faze Rug also makes smart investments with his earnings, including buying multiple properties. At just 26, his net worth is truly staggering.

Despite his incredible wealth, Faze Rug continues to appeal to fans with his goofy, grounded personality and candid videos about his life.

What’s Next for YouTube Star Faze Rug?

With no signs of slowing down, Faze Rug seems poised to continue growing his massive fanbase and expanding his presence into new areas in the years to come.

Potential projects on the horizon include:

  • Stepping further into music and maybe even touring
  • Launching additional digital products and merch
  • Continuing to establish himself as an influencer and brand face
  • Getting involved in traditional media like movies or television
  • Mentoring up-and-coming creators

At heart though, Faze Rug will always be a YouTuber. Fans can expect him to keep pumping out ridiculous (and sometimes questionable) vlogs and challenge videos that made him an internet sensation.

Final Words

In the end, Faze Rug stands out for helping pioneer the modern YouTube vlogging genre with his outlandish personality and videos. While unassuming in stature at just 5’6”, Faze Rug has left a mammoth footprint on today’s YouTube culture.

For any fans still wondering “How tall is Faze Rug?”—while he may not be the tallest star physically, his sheer impact on the digital world makes his status as an internet giant undeniable. At just 26, Faze Rug remains one of YouTube’s most popular stars who keeps making us laugh in between cringe moments. His humor and vulnerability will continue charming audiences for years to come.

So while his height may be modest, Faze Rug’s influence stands tall within the YouTube community. His story shows that it’s creativity and ingenuity that count when it comes to making it big on YouTube.