What Time Does Walmart Pharmacy Close?

What Time Does Walmart Pharmacy Close

Ever felt a pit in your stomach when you realize you’re out of medication, but aren’t sure if the Walmart Pharmacy is open? Maybe your child wakes up with a fever on a Saturday morning, and a quick trip to Walmart for medicine seems like the perfect solution. But then the question hits: What time does Walmart Pharmacy close?

Fear not, young scholar! This in-depth guide will become your trusted resource for navigating Walmart Pharmacy closing hours, whether it’s a breezy Tuesday afternoon or a busy holiday weekend.

What Are The Weekday Walmart Pharmacy Hours?

Walmart Super Center on Elm Springs Road in Springdale Arkansas.
Walmart Super Center on Elm Springs Road in Springdale Arkansas.

During the hustle and bustle of the workweek (Monday to Friday), most Walmart pharmacies operate on a standard schedule:


Their doors swing open at 9:00 am, ready to greet you with a smile and efficient service.


Unlike the regular Walmart store that might stay open until later, pharmacies prioritize a more predictable schedule, closing at 7:00 pm.

What Are The Weekend Walmart Pharmacy Hours?

Weekends offer a slightly different story for Walmart pharmacy hours. Here’s a breakdown for weekend warriors:


They maintain the same opening time of 9:00 am on weekdays. However, to accommodate weekend warriors like yourself, they close a bit earlier at 5:00 pm.


This is when Walmart pharmacies have their most limited hours. They open a tad later at 10:00 am and close by 6:00 pm.

Planning Your Trip to Walmart Pharmacy Like a Pro

Knowing Walmart pharmacy hours is like having a secret decoder ring for navigating your medication needs. Here are some tips to become a master planner:

Weekday Mornings or Evenings

If you’re a busy bee with after-school activities or work commitments, remember that the pharmacy closes at 7:00 pm on weekdays. Plan your visit before then to ensure you have ample time to pick up your prescription.

Saturday Shopping Spree

Combining your weekly shopping trip to Walmart with a pharmacy visit is a time-saving tactic. Just remember, they close at 5:00 pm on Saturdays, so plan accordingly.

Sunday Errands

Sundays offer the most limited window, with pharmacies opening at 10:00 am and closing by 6:00 pm.

Exploring Additional Walmart Pharmacy Services

While knowing the closing time is crucial, there’s a whole world of services offered by Walmart Pharmacy that go beyond picking up prescriptions. Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

Prescription Refills Made Easy

Gone are the days of waiting in line! You can easily refill your prescriptions online or through the convenient Walmart app. This saves you precious time and allows you to focus on other important things.

Flu Shots and Immunizations for the Whole Family

Protecting your health and the health of your loved ones is a priority. Many Walmart pharmacies offer flu shots and other immunizations. Check with your local pharmacy for details and appointments. Don’t forget, that some immunizations might require a doctor’s prescription beforehand.

Friendly Pharmacists: Your Medication Experts

The pharmacists at Walmart are there to answer your questions about your medications. They are like friendly neighborhood superheroes with a wealth of knowledge! Don’t hesitate to ask them about potential side effects, interactions with other medications, or any questions you might have.

People Also Ask

Can I refill my prescription at Walmart if I get it filled elsewhere?

Of course! Walmart Pharmacy handles prescription transfers from other pharmacies. This maintains all of your meds in one handy area and saves you the trouble of managing various locations.

Does Walmart Pharmacy offer any discounts on medication?

Indeed! A limited selection of generic drugs is available at Walmart for about $4 apiece. For people with chronic diseases or on a limited budget, this initiative, “$4 Prescriptions,” may be a lifeline. For further information and eligibility conditions, be sure to visit the Walmart website or speak with your pharmacist.

Does Walmart Pharmacy have a drive-thru option?

Select Walmart locations offer a drive-thru pharmacy lane, allowing you to pick up your prescriptions without even leaving your car! This is a convenient option for busy schedules or if you have mobility limitations.

Final Words

Walmart Pharmacy aims to serve as your one-stop shop for all prescription needs. Through comprehension of their operating hours, the range of services provided, and some useful advice for a seamless encounter, you can make the most of this vital tool to maintain your health and wellness. Keep in mind that Walmart Pharmacy has convenient hours and a staff of committed pharmacists available to help you every day of the week.