Top Tech Tools for Trucker Services: How to Stay Ahead on the Road


The trucking industry plays a vital role within the supply chains of thousands of businesses nationwide. Truckers and their rigs move over 11 billion pounds of cargo to deliver goods and raw materials to their destinations. Managing a trucking fleet in the old-fashioned way is effective, but modern technology can give you an edge.

Exploring your tech options can help you save time and money while ensuring the safety of the drivers who work for your trucker services. It’s an essential investment to stay ahead of competitors and bolster your bottom line.

The effort to find these tools for cargo trucking is worth your time. Continue reading to discover the tech and software you can use for efficient operations.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic routing is essential when upgrading your trucking technology. Your drivers’ routes determine when shipments arrive and how much fuel you’ll spend. Dynamic routing can act like an advanced GPS system.

The technology assesses traffic on the planned route and combines it with other data to guide your truck drivers. Your drivers will receive real-time updates on the best routes based on weather, road conditions, and traffic.

It’s also a fantastic tool to eliminate unnecessary miles. The quicker route will cut down on driving time and fuel use. Consider using this flexible technology to help your drivers reach maximum efficiency.

Forward-Facing Camera System

Another piece of tech to install is a forward-facing camera system. These systems work like dash cams, but they provide better picture quality. For the best results, look for options in low light or nighttime conditions.

The primary purpose of the camera system is to defend your drivers if an accident occurs. Your trucking company can use the footage to protect against phony insurance claims and litigation.

The camera system is also beneficial for car and semi-truck collisions. The vast majority of the time, these accidents are the result of car drivers’ mistakes. The footage captured can provide evidence of the truck driver’s innocence.

Top options include:

  • SmartDrive
  • Lytx
  • LinTech

Research all your options to find one that covers your needs and fits your budget. You’ll be grateful for the tech if one of your drivers is involved in an accident.

Driver Scorecards

Driver scorecards are an effective technology tool for helping drivers continue improving their skills. They’re excellent tools for both commercial and ag trucking.

The scorecards monitored hard acceleration and harsh braking on the road. The negative scores indicated risky driving behaviors that could result in an accident. Companies also liked the scorecards to reduce truck wear and tear.

The truck driver is one of the most significant factors behind maintenance needs and fuel economy. Using scorecards can help to monitor their activities and hold them accountable. Look for a system that works hand-in-hand with your forward-facing camera system.

Collision Avoidance Technology

Collisions with semi-trucks can cause extensive damage to property and other vehicles. It also puts the truck driver and other drivers at health risk.

Collision avoidance technology is similar to that found in many modern cars. Sensors and cameras detect obstacles or other vehicles on the road, and the tech is designed to help the driver avoid a collision.

As the technology improves, false positives are becoming a concern of the past. It’s a valuable tool when your agricultural business is hauling dangerous or explosive materials.

These systems are becoming standard on newer truck models. You’re taking unnecessary risks if you choose not to install collision avoidance tech in your fleet of semi-trucks.

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Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic logging devices (ELD) are moving toward becoming a mandatory piece of trucking equipment. Nearly all trucking services use the U.S. Interstates will need ELDs to continue operating within the law.

These devices track truck drivers’ hours and activities. They ensure that drivers work within the rules of the Hours of Service laws to prevent tired drivers from being on the road.

You can trust the ELDs to ensure truck drivers are not driving overtime or working long hours to meet tight deadlines. It’s a safety-first device to help protect your drivers and trucking fleet.

Trailer Tracking

Theft is a legitimate issue within the trucking industry. Trailer tracking is one of the best tools to combat the threat. The trailers have tracking devices to show speed, orientation, and direction.

The best tracking systems warn drivers when traveling through a high-theft area. It’s also a tool that informs the fleet manager if a truck or trailer is stolen while in transit.

Increased visibility makes excellent business sense to protect cargo and assets. Look for a system that combines a GPS transponder with a wireless sensor connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT device provides real-time information to the fleet manager to follow a truck’s progress.

Temperature Tracking

Semi-trucks perform demanding functions, with hauls over mountains and extended periods of driving at high speed on freeways. Tracking engine and tire temperatures is essential to increase safety for fleet drivers and others on the road.

The sensors are also beneficial for monitoring the temperatures inside the trailer. It’s required for agriculture trucking services and commercial fleets shipping food goods.

The top requirements entail:

  • Food refrigeration
  • Cleaning vehicles between loads
  • Protecting food goods during transit

It’s beneficial because shippers want to work with trucking services that use this technology. However, shippers must prove they comply with the new rules and regulations. A trucking service that complies can ship products like fresh milk or frozen products coming from a manufacturing plant.

Upgrade Your Trucker Services Tech Today

Technology for trucker services can significantly improve safety and efficiency. Tools like dynamic routing can help drivers avoid congested roads and severe weather. You can also use electronic logging to monitor driving times.

Temperature tracking is also essential for agricultural trucking. Truck services can ensure the safe delivery of perishable goods while complying with new laws. Forward-facing cameras and collision avoidance tech protect drivers and prevent accidents.

Tech advancements are a valuable resource to give your trucking fleet an advantage. Check out our Tech content for the latest products and services you can use to bolster your fleet today!