Solutions to Repair Corrupt and Broken MKV Videos

MKV Video

The Matroska Video (MKV) is popular due to its capabilities and agility. It plays different types of videos, audio, and subtitles. An MKV video may become corrupted and fail to play. Corruption can happen due to incomplete downloads or virus attacks. They may fail to play due to missing elements or a corrupted hard drive. There are different solutions to help you repair MKV files.

What is an MKV file?

MKV video is an abbreviation for Matroska Video. It is a popular and adaptable format with the capability to store multiple types of media. Many people use it to store high-quality videos. MKV video is open source and is highly compatible. They can play on a variety of devices or players. These files are versatile and easy to use.

You can install multiple players on your device to play different types of content. The type of player you choose depends on your computer’s operating system. Some player apps cannot run video or audio on a Mac. You must choose an app that is compatible with macOS when using a Mac. You can play MKV file on Macbook you need the right player. One of the popular MacBook MKV player is VLC. Download it from the official website and install it on your MacBook. You may use its default settings or customize it to fit your needs.

Why does the MKV video get corrupted?

  • MKV video files may get corrupted due to file errors while transferring. This can happen due to an interruption during the transfer or incomplete transfer.
  • Hardware failures like unstable compartments may cause corruption. Some sectors may get corrupted due to damage after falling.
  • You could be editing an MKV video and the software crashes suddenly. This might cause corruption.
  • Your preferred media player may lack the codes required to play MKV video files.
  • Incomplete downloads often corrupt the files and they fail to play on any media player.
  • Corruption may happen due to malware or virus attacks. These attacks might interfere with the code of the files.

Solutions to repair MKV file

Several solutions can help you fix broken MKV videos. Understand the type of corruption it is and fix it. Here are different repair solutions.

MKV Video

Repair MKV file with VLC media player

A VLC player plays nearly every media file. This open-source application helps repair most broken media files. If the corruption is not serious, VLC will repair it with ease. It does repair it while converting files. Install the player on your device if you have not done it yet. Launch the player and open the settings.

Scroll down and open the Media icon. Open the Convert icon and then the Save button. Identify the corrupted file and drag and drop it into the VLC player. The Convert button will be displayed once you drop it. Open the Convert icon and choose the space to save the converted file. Open the Start button to begin the process.

Use a video repair tool

A video repair tool is useful for repairing seriously corrupted MKV videos. The tools have advanced features that help you to repair MKV files in seconds. Download a tool like Remo Repair or Stellar Repair.  Install the software on your gadget and open it. Drag and drop the broken MKV video to begin the repair process. The repair tool will guide you through on-screen prompts.

Download another MKV video file

Your files might fail to play due to incomplete downloads. Connect online and identify the file source. Repeat the download process and wait until it runs to the end. The freshly downloaded file will be clean. It will play without problems.

Scan and repair your hard disk for errors

Errors in the hard disk cause failures to open files. The file elements get destabilized and fail to work. Scan the hard disk and repair all errors. You may use a built-in hard disk cleaner system or install a third-party cleaner. This application identifies the errors and repairs them to allow files to open.

Clean your computer from viruses and clutter

Malware and virus attacks cause serious problems to files and apps. They may interfere with the MKV video code and corrupt it. Too much clutter in your computer may also cause documents not to open. Use antivirus software to clean the computer from possible attacks. Remove clutter to free up more space and allow files to open with ease.

Update drivers and download the necessary codes

The video drivers for your MKV files might be outdated. This causes them to malfunction and corrupt files. You can easily resolve this issue by updating the drivers. Updated drivers improve your video quality. A certain media player might not have the necessary code for playing MKV video. You can download them online and install them on your computer. Ensure the codes are compatible with MKV.

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Final Thought

Your MKV video can get corrupted due to incomplete downloads or outdated software. Virus attacks or incompatible media players may cause the files to fail to open. Use a VLC player to repair them or update your computer. Report your hard disk for errors or download the video again.