Reasons to Choose Hotels for Summer Vacation


Summer is almost here, so many Americans are planning fun excursions with family and friends. When it comes to such vacations, people may feel overloaded with the type of accommodations they should schedule. After all, there are Airbnb, youth hostels, a hotel near Moab, RV rentals, etc. Here are reasons to choose a hotel during your summer vacation this year.


Do you feel like vacuuming and doing a whole bunch of cleaning when on vacation? When you deal with Airbnb, that may be part of the package. In addition to cleaning your rented home, you still have to pay an additional cleaning fee for AirBnb. At least with a hotel, housekeeping comes with your accommodation. You can opt to get daily housekeeping or put a “Do not Disturb” sign up, so they can return another time. As a result, you can preserve your energy and not worry about buying cleaning products or disinfecting areas when you want to enjoy your vacation.

Indoor Swimming

There’s nothing like swimming any time of year, but summer is a special time to take a dip in the pool or the ocean. You may luck out by getting an Airbnb with a pool or being able to park your RV near a pond. However, there’s no guarantee of either one. It’s much easier to get a hotel with an indoor pool without paying extra money for it. If you rely on Airbnb, you can expect to pay more money for that type of amenity.


Of course, you want to eat well during your vacation. After all, you’re away from home, so you should enjoy as many meals as possible. Going to a hotel means you can take a break from slaving over the kitchen. Avoiding a hot kitchen is especially helpful during the dog days of summer. When you stay at a hotel, other people cook for you. Most hotels offer free breakfast, and some may even have an on-site restaurant to enjoy later meals and happy hours.

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Baggage Storage

What if your flight arrives or leaves at an odd time? You may have a dilemma regarding where to put your luggage before check-in. Hotels usually have baggage storage at reception. The reception allows you to leave your baggage for as long as possible on your day of arrival or departure. However, Airbnb may not have space or time to offer you baggage storage or early check-in.

While Airbnbs, hostels, and RVs have their purpose, there’s nothing like a quality hotel. Good hotels have a range of amenities, offer cleaning services, and have food prepared for you, sometimes all day. So why not book a quality hotel stay and make your summer adventures easy and carefree?