12 Most Expensive Things on Shein That You Can Never Buy

Most Expensive Things on Shein

In this article, we will uncover the 12 most expensive Things on Shein that would never realistically purchase. Get ready for some jaw-dropping moments!

Shein is known for its incredibly affordable fashion pieces that won’t break the bank. But while scanning the popular fast fashion site, you may have stumbled across some shockingly expensive items that seem out of place. From dramatically overpriced t-shirts to basic jewelry marked up to outrageous sums, these puzzling products make you wonder – who is buying this stuff?!

Most Expensive Things on Shein

Here are the 12 Most Expensive things on Shein below:

Outrageous Graphic T-Shirt – $7,999

Outrageous Graphic T-Shirt - $7,999
Source from behance.net

First up is this chaotic graphic tee littered with random text and emojis. It’s listed for an unbelievable $7,999! For nearly $8,000 you could get a t-shirt custom designed and woven with real gold threads. But there’s nothing luxurious about this basic cotton tee. Similar graphic tees sell for $10-15 on Shein. So why the nearly $8k price tag? A bizarre pricing glitch is likely the only explanation for charging as much as a used car for this screen-printed t-shirt.

Plain Oversized Hoodie – $9,999

Next, we have a plain black oversized hoodie with a kangaroo pocket selling for $9,999. That’s correct – nearly $10,000 for an everyday basic hoodie that looks no different than one you could buy at Target for $20. While oversized hoodies are comfy, no material on earth could justify someone paying the cost of a decent used car for this simple piece. Shein put the wrong price on this item, but it’s comical imagining anyone adding it to their cart at nearly $10k.

Bicycle Shorts – $15,000

These high-waisted cotton bicycle shorts with an abstract painterly print are fetching a mind-boggling $15,000! Now we all know bike shorts are having a major fashion moment. But even for cult-status bike shorts, over $15k is an outrageous price. For that price, you could get a pair fully studded with real diamonds and crystals. Shein made a pricing error on this item because no shorts are worth that kind of money.

Plain White Socks – $25,000

Plain White Socks
Source from talkradionews.com

Next on the list are these plain white ankle socks selling for $25,000. That’s right, over twenty-five THOUSAND dollars for basic white socks! Unless they promise to meticulously massage your feet while also hoovering your house, no socks could ever justify this ridiculous price point. While the shock factor of seeing $25k socks on Shein gave us a good laugh, no one is adding these to their cart.

Plain Black Baseball Cap – $30,000

It seems like plain baseline items bring out the crazy pricing on Shein. Exhibit A is this simple black baseball cap you could buy for $5 at a gas station, listed for $30,000! While the hat may shield your eyes from the sun, it certainly won’t protect you from dramatically overpaying. Let’s just hope the “$30k price” is a typo and not Shein’s actual valuation of this basic cap. Because not even a baseball cap blessed by the sports gods could rationalize a price tag in the tens of thousands.

Rubber Slide Sandals – $50,000

These rubber pool slide sandals are listed at $50,000, which is more than many people’s annual salary! While pool slides are convenient footwear, we can say with certainty no one is adding these to their cart. Unless Shein provides a personal butler to carry you everywhere while wearing these, we can’t think of any justification for pricing them higher than a luxury car. For $50k you could get a closet full of designer shoes, not basic rubber sandals!

Plain Crew Neck Tee – $60,000

Here we have another outrageously priced basic—a plain white crew neck t-shirt listed at $60,000. Unless it’s woven from threads of actual silver and gold, no crew neck tee deserves this kind of pricing. You could buy hundreds of high-quality plain white tees for a fraction of this astronomical cost. We can only assume someone left an extra zero or two on this shirt’s price tag because no one would buy it for $60k!

Tiny Hoop Earrings – $100,000

These tiny stainless steel hoop earrings are being sold on Shein for a princely sum of $100,000. That’s right, six figures for minimalist hoops! Unless your earlobes are dipped in gold and massaged by a jewelry artisan, we can safely assume no one will buy these. For this price, the earrings better levitate on their own and grant wishes. Even for fine jewelry, these earrings with a plain design have an unreasonable price meant to shock, not sell.

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses – $250,000

Rhinestone-encrusted sunglasses are super glam. But not $250,000 levels of glam! That quarter of a million-dollar price tag makes these otherwise fun novelty shades simply outrageous. No sunglasses could justify that price unless they came with lifelong eye insurance and a private jet for world travel. We’re guessing someone added an extra zero or two to these heart-shaped sunnies. Because no one can or would reasonably buy them for $250,000!

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Metallic Logo Belt – $500,000

Metallic Logo Belt
Source from internetteders.com

Next up on the list of ridiculously priced items is this metallic logo belt selling for half a million dollars! Unless this belt buckle doubles as a high-tech personal assistant, no accessory deserves that absurd price tag. For nearly the cost of a home, you could buy thousands of designer belts and still have money left over! We’re blaming this half-million-dollar price on a Shein intern run amok. Because no belt could ever provide $500k of value.

Pearl Hair Clips – $750,000

These ornate pearl hair clips may look fancy, but not anywhere close to warranting their insane $750,000 price! For three-quarters of a million dollars, these clips better come with a glam squad permanently on call to style your hair anytime, anywhere. No pearl hair accessories could justify that astronomical cost. Here’s hoping Shein fixes this shockingly high listing, so no one accidentally buys these at $750k!

Metallic Swimsuit – $1 Million

Finally, the most expensive item we could find on Shein is this metallic one-piece swimsuit priced at over $1 million. That’s right, one million dollars just to cover your swimsuit needs! While the shiny look may photograph well on Instagram, no swimsuit could ever warrant seven figures. For $1 million, this suit should be woven from actual gold threads and come with a cabana boy, a yacht to lounge on, and a lifetime supply of fancy cocktails. Since that’s likely not the case, we’re blaming this offensive price on a Shein glitch. Because a million dollars for a swimsuit is laughable!

The Takeaway

After reviewing these shockingly expensive items on Shein, it’s clear none are intentionally priced so high. Outrageous listings like a $25k pair of socks or a $1 million swimsuit are undoubtedly glitches or intern mixups rather than real valuations. So if you spot an absurdly priced product, have a good laugh at the madness but don’t expect to add it to your cart. Ultimately, these examples showcase that even a wildly popular fast fashion marketplace like Shein is not immune to the occasional bizarre pricing error!