Heart Health Needs Can Change With Age


As you get older, the needs of your heart will change. You might find that you have to eat fewer calories to maintain your weight, or that you can’t run as far as you used to. Those are normal changes that come with getting older, but adjusting to them isn’t always easy. Still, it’s very important that you take the time to make any adjustments for your health since you want to take good care of your heart and the rest of your body for the long term.

Consider Your Level of Exercise

If you can’t exercise as much as you used to, that doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you can. People who exercise and keep active often live longer than their counterparts who don’t, because exercise has a lot of benefits for your heart and overall fitness. It’s important to assess your exercise levels from time to time, though, especially if you’re starting to feel bad after exercising or you find that you’re getting injured more often. Adjustments to aging are a part of staying healthy.

Adjust Your Diet for Hearth Health

Another way to help your heart health as you age is by adjusting your diet. You may need to eat less sodium, for example, and cut back on red meat and sugar. You might need to reduce your portions or the amount of calories you consume in order to stay at a healthy weight. By working with a medical professional such as Ian Weisberg you can get the knowledge you need to make dietary changes that are important for your heart while still enjoying many of the foods you love.

Maintain a Healthy, Stable Weight

Staying at a healthy weight and avoiding “yo-yo diet” issues are both important for the health of your heart. If you do need to lose weight, the best way to do that is slowly and sustainably. You’re more likely to keep the weight off when you do that, and that’s healthier than losing, gaining, and losing again, especially if you’re losing and regaining large amounts. Finding the right balance of healthy food and treats can help you find a stable, healthy weight for your height.

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Work With Your Doctor for Support

Working with Dr. Ian Weisberg or other medical professionals is very important for support, too. Over time, as your heart health needs change, you want to make sure your doctor is able to help you make the adjustments required. That can also include testing, procedures, or medication to address any heart health issues, or tackle other medical issues so they don’t affect your heart in the future.