250 Female Demon Names: Powerful, Pretty, Fantasy, and More!

250 Female Demon Names

Hey kids! Are you working on an awesome story with demons, supernatural beings, or fantasy creatures? Or maybe you just think demon names are super cool? Well, you’re in the right place!

In this fun blog, we’ve put together a massive list of 250 female demon names from all sorts of places – Japan, folklore, fantasy books, and more! These names aren’t just random words either. Nope, we’ve included what each name means so you can pick ones that perfectly suit your fierce female demon characters.

Get ready to discover beautiful, powerful, badass, and even pretty female demon names to bring your writing to life! Let’s get started.

Japanese Female Demon Names

Japan has a rich culture filled with tales of mythical creatures, ghosts, and demons called “yokai.” Here are some amazing Japanese female demon names:

  1. Akumu (Nightmare)
  2. Anahori (The Crevice Digger)
  3. Atosaki (Backside Pounder)
  4. Azukiarai (The Red Bean Washer)
  5. Bakedanuki (The Punt Raccoon Dog)
  6. Bakekujira (The Ghost Whale)
  7. Futakuchi-onna (Two Mouthed Woman)
  8. Hanako-san (Miss Hanako)
  9. Hone Onna (Bone Woman)
  10. Iizanagi (The Shinto Goddess of Creation)
  11. Iizanami (The Shinto Goddess of Death)
  12. Jakuren (Crone)
  13. Joro-Gumo (Whore Spider)
  14. Kachi-Kachi Yama (Drummer Mountain)
  15. Kameosa (Turtle Thrower)

Cool Fantasy Female Demon Names

Female Demon Names
Female Demon Names

Books, movies, games – the world of fantasy is brimming with wicked cool female demon characters and names! Check these out:

  1. Akasha (The Black Void)
  2. Alish’ar (Soulless Queen)
  3. Azbel (Desert Fiend)
  4. Azrael (Angel of Death)
  5. Bakrhandu (Devourer of Souls)
  6. Beliath (Destroyer)
  7. Bhrunsara (Blood Drinker)
  8. Clavina (The Night’s Whisper)
  9. Daniza (Mistress of Shadows)
  10. Derakith (Queen of Anguish)
  11. Deziara (She Who Walks the Night)
  12. Elyxria (Temptress of Ruin)
  13. Enzhara (Empress of Eternal Night)
  14. Fatrakha (Demon of Dark Flames)
  15. Fjrithara (Daughter of the Abyss)

Beautiful Female Demon Names

Who says demons can’t have pretty names? These lovely monikers are perfect for demons who are beautiful on the outside but deadly within!

  1. Adali (Noble and Brilliant)
  2. Adora (The Admired One)
  3. Alyzah (Of Noble Birth)
  4. Amara (Eternal, Unfading)
  5. Anaidra (Like a Precious Gem)
  6. Astrida (Divinely Beautiful)
  7. Avishi (The First Ray of Sunshine)
  8. Calypso (She Who Conceals)
  9. Cassia (Cinnamon Bark Tree)
  10. Drusilla (Fruitful, Productive)
  11. Elira (Radiant, Shining Light)
  12. Elizara (Pledged to God)
  13. Ezmara (Celebrated and Prosperous)
  14. Ilythara (Moonlight Rays)
  15. Jesmina (Jasmine Flower)

Badass, Powerful Female Demon Names

Badass, Powerful Female Demon
Badass, Powerful Female Demon

Need a name that screams “Don’t mess with me!” for your tough-as-nails demonic lady? These fierce and powerful options are sure to strike fear:

  1. Abaddon (The Destroyer)
  2. Adrama (The Untamed One)
  3. Akandor (Dark Mistress of Chaos)
  4. Aknalon (Blood Queen)
  5. Almezrah (She Who Slays With Crimson Claws)
  6. Amalita (Eternal Warrior)
  7. Amducia (Demon of Treachery)
  8. Andhaka (Bringer of Terror)
  9. Aradaxa (Doom’s Embrace)
  10. Arazni (Chaos Unleashed)
  11. Armada (Destroyer of Worlds)
  12. Ashara (Dark Lady of Pestilence)
  13. Azrana (The Ruthless Conqueror)
  14. Azubah (Forsaken, Abandoned)
  15. Balayna (Queen of Curses)

Female Demon Names From Supernatural

For all you Supernatural fans out there, I’ve included some of the most wicked female demon names straight from the beloved TV show:

  1. Abaddon (Angel of the Apocalypse)
  2. Ala (Soul Scorcher)
  3. Alorae (Demon Mistress of Torture)
  4. Arakna (Spider Queen)
  5. Azazel (Demon of Sacrifice)
  6. Belah (Tormenter of the Innocent)
  7. Constance (Baroness of the Damned)
  8. Deva (Dealer of Death)
  9. Elysian (She Who Rules Dark Realms)
  10. Heresath (The Unholy Daughter)
  11. Katarina (The Bloody Queen)
  12. Katrina (Demon of Vengeance)
  13. Lenah (Dark Lady of the Abyss)
  14. Lilah (Night’s Fallen Angel)
  15. Lilith (First Demon, Mother of Demons)

Cute Female Demon Names With Meanings

Female Demon Names
Female Demon Names

And now, as promised, here are 150 more amazing female demon names paired with their ludifully creepy meanings!

  1. Aakulitha (Ghostly Night Wanderer)
  2. Aamilith (Oath Breaker, One Who Corrupts)
  3. Aamshara (Queen of Dark Whispers)
  4. Aarusha (Unholy Daughter of Ashes)
  5. Aatrishi (Demon Who Feasts on Souls)
  6. Aavarah (She Who Walks the Shadow Path)
  7. Aavinya (Demon Summoned From the Void)
  8. Abyzou (Zulu Demon of Fierceness)
  9. Adraa (Soul Render, Dark Beauty)
  10. Aesma (Drinker of Shed Blood)
  11. Afsana (Demon’s Whispering Consort)
  12. Agazura (Viper’s Daughter, Queen Serpent)
  13. Ahrikai (Demon of Nightmares Made Flesh)
  14. Ahzaria (Winged Harbinger of Death)
  15. Aishira (The Gilded Tormenter)
  16. Akasha (Goddess of Darkness, Illusion)
  17. Althara (She Who Brings Endless Night)
  18. Amraha (Bringer of the Eternal Sleep)
  19. Angrisa (Anger and Wrath Unleashed)
  20. Anjalika (Unholy Grace and Beauty)
  21. Ankartra (Maiden of Dark Portals)
  22. Anshar (Mistress of Dark Seas)
  23. Anthraz (Cunning Shadow Demon)
  24. Antrica (The Deceiving Dark Whisperer)
  25. Anylith (Demon of Eternal Torment)
  26. Apraxin (The Burning Demon)
  27. Araiktha (Dark Summoner of Plagues)
  28. Ardesiah (Death Maiden of the Wastes)
  29. Arejon (Abyssal Scourge of the Innocent)
  30. Aremana (Dreadful Harbinger of Doom)
  31. Arethin (Ancient Evil Dark Beauty)
  32. Armora (Iron Lady of Destruction)
  33. Aruzhala (Mistress of Chaos and Ruin)
  34. Ashara (Dark Empress of Shadow)
  35. Asherah (The Night’s Forgotten Queen)
  36. Ashkah (Bringer of Ash and Cinder)
  37. Ashtrah (Dark Goddess of War)
  38. Askolda (Soul Stealer From the Void)
  39. Asmogah (Ancient Demoness of Sorcery)
  40. Astarion (Wicked Beauty of Infinite Malice)
  41. Astprva (Daughter of Howling Night Winds)
  42. Asvina (Razor-Winged Demoness)
  43. Atharia (Dark Princess of Vengeance)
  44. Athezri (Dancer of Death’s Revelry)
  45. Athuresa (Night Demon of Shadow’s Lullaby)
  46. Aubria (Immortal Daughter of Chaos)
  47. Auvren (Dark Moon Mistress)
  48. Avadora (Demon Queen of the Night Skies)
  49. Avaekra (Angel of Horror and Damnation)
  50. Averouza (Empress of Eternal Damnation)
  51. Averxia (She Who Brings Endless Torment)
  52. Avilna (Demon Child of the Blood Moon)
  53. Avizara (Dark Lady of Betrayal)
  54. Avizhana (Dreadlord’s Consort of Shadows)
  55. Avridia (Wicked Beauty From the Void)
  56. Azadia (Dreadlord Queen of Shrieks)
  57. Azelea (Dark Ravager of the Shadowlands)
  58. Azeldra (Soul Hunter of the Abyss)
  59. Azelina (Mistress of Whispering Shadows)
  60. Azelma (Night Demoness of Terror)
  61. Azerea (Dark Moon Princess of Endings)
  62. Azgarah (Winged Demon of Nightmares)
  63. Azhara (The Fallen Daughter of Night)
  64. Azharee (Black Rose of the Underworld)
  65. Azhidal (Queen of Demon Assassins)
  66. Azhrana (Demoness of Endless Affliction)
  67. Azhura (She Who Walks the Path to Oblivion)
  68. Aziflor (Dark Seductress of Ruin)
  69. Azigara (Keeper of Blood Rites and Rituals)
  70. Azildra (Demon with a Heart of Black Stone)
  71. Azirtha (Unholy Daughter of Eternal Night)
  72. Azizah (Demon Princess of Mysterious Ways)
  73. Azkarla (Daughter of Screams and Torment)
  74. Azkerea (The Dark Lady of Shattered Souls)
  75. Azmina (Whispering Maiden of the Void)
  76. Azmoran (Demon of Bottomless Hunger)
  77. Azmyra (Dark Seductress of Shadow’s Embrace)
  78. Aznara (Dark Beauty of Whispered Truths)
  79. Azohara (The Winged Night Demoness)
  80. Azraida (Forsaken Daughter of Violet Flames)
  81. Azulon (Demon Lady of the Howling Vortex)
  82. Azurma (She Who Walks the Last Path)
  83. Baalath (Night Demon of Beautiful Darkness)
  84. Baalpem (Demon Princess of Seductive Ruin)
  85. Baazara (Winged Demon of Endless Dusk)
  86. Balnayr (Queen of Demon Assassins)
  87. Banrion (Dread Lady of Infinite Endings)
  88. Barakon (The Deadly Whispered Promise)
  89. Barmora (Dark Empress of Hidden Secrets)
  90. Barnazel (Demonic Power Made Flesh)
  91. Bellara (Night’s Fallen Beauty)
  92. Bhaudra (The Dark Lady’s Torment)
  93. Bhelari (Dark Champion of Demonic Slaughter)
  94. Bhelquin (Night Embracer, Demoness of Whispers)
  95. Bilanoch (Night Demoness of the Blood Moon)
  96. Bilraria (Demon Who Walks Shadow’s Path)
  97. Boraada (Daughter of the Devouring Silence)
  98. Brierla (Keeper of Cursed Knives)
  99. Caetryn (Daughter of Eternal Night)
  100. Calilla (Demon Whose Whispers Corrupt)
  101. Calisyn (Hellfire Bringer, Demoness of Ruin)
  102. Carritia (Daughter of Darkness’ Call)
  103. Casowna (Mistress of Dark Deceptions)
  104. Chalissa (Demon of Bewitching Splendor)
  105. Chareza (Beguiling Harbinger of Malice)
  106. Chrishta (Dark Beauty From Endless Night)
  107. Chulan (Night’s Ethereal Shadow Dancer)
  108. Crillian (Demon Born of Shadows Deep)
  109. Daashor (Scourge of the Worthy and Just)
  110. Dakarai (Unholy Demon of Thousand Truths)
  111. Dalkari (Evil Whispers of the Abyss’s Depths)
  112. Dalyrna (Lady Whose Darkness Never Ends)
  113. Damodra (Demon Who Brings the Eclipse)
  114. Danirri (Nightdancer of Black Power and Grace)
  115. Darasma (She Whose Gaze Swallows Light)
  116. Darsyra (Fiend-Queen of Shadow Desires)
  117. Daveith (Lady Whose Glance Brings Terror)
  118. Davzekh (Mistress of Cursed Real
  119. Davzekh (Mistress of Cursed Realms)
  120. Delizah (Demon Born of Endless Twilight)
  121. Delmiir (Dark Lady of the Shrouded World)
  122. Demazia (Nightfall’s Vengeful Daughter)
  123. Demoree (Unholy Summoner of Torment’s Embrace)
  124. Derasha (Blade Mistress of the Shadow Realms)
  125. Desyria (Dark Beauty of the Lunar Eclipse)
  126. Diinahra (Night Demon Who Walks on Mist)
  127. Drachim (Fire-Born Daughter of Shadow)
  128. Dreleyn (Mistress of the Endless Void)
  129. Dremora (Demon of Dark Chants and Whispers)
  130. Dulogyr (Daughter of Shadow and Dusk)
  131. Dylzara (Queen of Nightmares Incarnate)
  132. Ebgrahr (Demon Whose Stare Freezes Souls)
  133. Echzara (Fallen Dark Beauty of Sin)
  134. Ederari (Princess of Damned Souls)
  135. Eedrikh (Daughter of the Shrouded Moon)
  136. Eezrini (Night Creature of Oblivion’s Grace)
  137. Eiyzira (Unholy Summoner of Endless Unlight)
  138. Elrihyn (Demoness Born in Eclipse’s Shadow)
  139. Elyshym (Dark Princess of Shadow Magic)
  140. Eylynna (Demon of the Amethyst Night Sky)
  141. Eyzisse (Winged Night Seductress)
  142. Faludra (Heart’s Temptress, Soul’s Corruptor)
  143. Faraize (Treacherous Demon of Bewitching Words)
  144. Faritae (Night Demon of Mesmerizing Beauty)
  145. Farnayi (Dark Lady of Bewildering Splendor)
  146. Feldryn (Demoness Who Feasts on Anguish)
  147. Feruvyn (Temptress of Black Silk Shadows)
  148. Fiendra (Profane Beauty, Night’s Mistress)
  149. Fiolrez (Ruthless Demon of Shattered Dreams)
  150. Forzira (Dark Lady of Sinister Whispers)
  151. Fridrin (Demon Princess of the Fourth Moon)
  152. Garyzha (Night’s Eclipse Bringer)
  153. Gehenna (Queen of the Demonic Underworld)
  154. Gelixie (Blood Maiden of Insanity’s Embrace)
  155. Gezzera (Demon Whose Breath is Unlight)
  156. Ghiylai (Daughter of the Dark Dominion)
  157. Ghzalra (Demonic Siren of the Abyss)
  158. Gorylin (Ebon Beauty of Endless Torment)
  159. Gurilae (Night Stalker, Demon of Dark Thirst)
  160. Hakavra (Mistress of Cursed Dreams)
  161. Halvara (Dark Moon Beauty of Slaughter)
  162. Hayruna (Demon Who Whispers Seductive Lies)
  163. Hebyara (Mistress of Eternal Shadow Secrets)
  164. Helaryn (Nightmare Demon of Endless Hunger)
  165. Helglyn (Dire Daughter of Eternal Dusk)
  166. Hemeira (Dark Princess of Dreams Shattered)
  167. Herlynn (Queen of Whispers That Corrupt)
  168. Hydrala (Night Demon Who Drinks Tears)
  169. Hydraxa (Demon Who Breathes Silent Deaths)
  170. Idrylai (Winged Mistress of the Void Abyss)
  171. Iiyldra (Demoness of Endless Whispers)
  172. Ikkazra (Soulless Beauty of Dark Promises)
  173. Ilazzra (Night’s Fallen Daughter of Power)
  174. Illythri (Ancient Evil From Primordial Shadows)
  175. Ilyshri (Demoness of Eternal Lunar Seduction)

Phew, that’s 250 fierce, beautiful, powerful, and unique female demon names from places like Japanese folklore, fantasy worlds, supernatural shows, and more! I hope you found some perfect picks to bring your wicked characters to life.

Let me know if you need any other demon name ideas or writing help. I’m always happy to lend a hand to young writers and supernatural fans!