Introducing Feedsta – The Social Media Platform for Food Lovers

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Feedsta is a social media platform where food lovers can share dining experiences in vivid sensory detail with photos, reviews, sounds, and travel guides. Join the community to connect with fellow foodies!

Food is so much more than sustenance – it’s an experience. Yet most social media platforms fail to truly capture and share our passion for food. A photo and caption don’t do justice to the sights, smells, tastes, and textures of an incredible meal. That’s why Feedsta was created – the only social platform designed by food lovers, for food lovers.

Feed Your Senses on Feedsta

Feedsta lets you share food experiences in vivid, mouthwatering detail across all your senses. Our multi-sensory posts allow you to showcase flavors, aromas, plating, textures, ambiance, and more in a rich, immersive way that brings meals to life.

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Visually Tantalizing

High-quality images are just the start. Embed eye-catching ultra HD video clips highlighting key dishes and ambiance. Zoom in on succulent close-ups with our integrated digital microscope. Show off flawless plating from multiple angles.

Mouthwatering Descriptions

Words can be just as evocative as images. Craft succulent descriptions of each element on the plate. Share the irresistible aroma wafting up as you take a first bite. Use adjectives that capture texture – tender, crispy, silky, flaky. Build anticipation!

Taste Testing Reviews

Our proprietary Taste Test rating system lets you break down the flavor profile across sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. Rate tenderness, juice, seasoning, quality, and overall taste for each aspect of the meal.

Ambient Audio

Hear the sizzle on the grill, the bustle of a busy kitchen, the pop of a fresh bottle being opened. Upload ambient sounds to add atmosphere. Our binaural 3D audio creates an immersive aural experience.

The Look and Feel

Describe the visual theme, dishware style, table setting details, textiles, and decor. Discuss the lighting, music, and general ambiance. Share how each texture felt in your fingers and mouth. Recreate the entire multisensory encounter.

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Share Your Food Journeys

Feedsta makes it easy to document your food-focused travels. Our intuitive tools enhance every gourmet adventure.

Travel Guides

Plan your culinary trips with the help of our handcrafted Travel Guides. Discover the must-try regional specialties, famous restaurants, food markets, wine regions, and upcoming food festivals. Curated recommendations from local experts.

Mapping Tools

Visually map and share your food journey with our interactive mapping feature. Mark restaurants, markets, food trucks, vineyards, craft breweries and more. See where fellow foodies visited and discover hidden gems.


Enable Auto-Journal and Feedsta will track key details like GPS, receipts, photos, and reviews. You’ll have a complete digital journal of your trip’s edible highlights automatically created for you to look back on fondly.

Highlights Reels

Automatically compile your trip’s tastiest morsels into shareable Highlights Reels. Artfully edit together photos, clips, ambient sounds, key reviews, and more into an engaging video showcase of your favorite food memories.

Come Join the Community!

The heart of Feedsta is our passionate community of food enthusiasts from around the world. Come join the conversation.

Groups & Forums

Connect with fellow foodies in our regional groups and topical forums covering every interest from wine to street food. Get advice, share tips, and make plans to sample local flavors together.

Pro Accounts

Professional chefs, restaurants, food writers, and brands – create a customizable Pro profile. Share your latest creations, articles, venues, and services. Engage directly with your culinary audience.

Discover New Perspectives

Expand your food horizons by experiencing meals and food lifestyles from communities across the globe. Appreciate and learn from diverse food traditions and perspectives.


With our group Events feature, organize and promote food-focused meetups, tours, tastings, classes, pop-ups, and parties. Easily collect RSVPs and keep attendees in the loop. Meet up with fellow foodies in real life!

Feedsta is your hub for living food fully across all the senses. Free your food pics from the limiting format of traditional social apps. Here, rich immersive posts do your meals justice so you can truly share, savor, and relive your remarkable food experiences. Sign up to get your taste buds tingling!