The Fistful of RPGs Worth Playing

The Best RPG Games to Play This Summer

Are you a gamer who wants to be soaked deep into a hellish dungeon? Or maybe you just want to kill as many dragons as possible with the biggest sword there is? Read our article, then. Discover the best RPG games available for summer 2024!

The best action RPG in 2024

Some say that Diablo IV is the ultimate action RPG adventure. Others say this is a typical hack-and-slash product. With the addition of MMO, that is. In our opinion, though, the latest Diablo release is a combo. It incorporates all of these game styles into one mind-blowing package. If you appreciate attention to details and the vast complexity of the fantasy world, this particular title has no equals. The open world itself is literally overwhelming. Even the most experienced gamers notice how impressed they are by it. And the light, the textures, the animatics – Diablo IV is truly a masterpiece to behold.

But what about the gameplay? The story campaign is engaging. There were issues many people complained about, but the latest season of Diablo IV seems to deliver satisfaction. Tech problems have been fixed; more mobs have been added… Diablo IV is fun as hell, some might say.

The best RPG games with turn-based combat

When picking up role-playing games, it’s a good idea to investigate a turn-based style of combat. The legendary Heroes of Might and Magic III is a prime example, although it is not an RPG. In this category, Wasteland 3 comes to mind as the first game to choose these days. It is a post-apocalyptic world where every step matters. Gamers often emphasize that Wasteland 3 is packed with consequences. Whatever a player does, it will make its mark on the gameplay. There are very few games offering this type of experience.

In the category of fantasy RPGs, Baldur’s Gate 3 seems to be leading the way. It is a perfectly detailed world with tour-based fighting. The intelligence of the NPCs in this particular title makes the game quite challenging. The player, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be idle during the enemy’s move. That brings tour fights to a different level, adding complexity and a lot of thinking. No wonder Baldur’s Gate 3 scored big in the reviews. 

The best RPGs of old

Till now, we have mentioned rather fresh titles. But that doesn’t mean older RPGs are worse, oh no. Dark Souls 1 and 3 are indeed two of the best RPG games ever made. In both cases, players receive an enigmatic, very moody world filled with undead creatures and the climate of the darkest dungeon imaginable. Covered with medieval vibes, the Dark Souls series allows players to explore and fight with a fair amount of difficulty. Smart and complex gear upgrades add extra value.

Dark Souls is a first-person RPG. Just like the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Previous games in the series are also very good, but this one is just superb. Geralt of Rivia’s combat abilities are tuned just right, and the quest quality keeps players engaged for hours. This title is almost ten years old now, but it doesn’t feel like it at all. Doubtlessly, other games can learn a lot from the Wild Hunt. It is a true modern classic. We strongly recommend becoming a monster hunter this summer. The prices are quite inviting, you know.

The above is just a fraction of the RPG genre in gaming. Nevertheless, these titles are indeed worth the time and the money. Every player will have a lot of fun with them this summer. If you’re interested in finding more of the best RPG games out there, make sure to visit